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Quantum Medicine

About Quantum Medicine

Quantum Medicine is

  • One of the most perspective trends of modern medical thoughts.
  • A complex of knowledge, means and methods based on using electromagnetic radiation, quantum processes and wave informational properties of living matter.
    Its aim is to maintain the harmonious condition of health of living organism during long time.
  • Includes all the steps of a person's health protection:
    • Prevention
    • Diagnostics
    • Treatment
    • Rehabilitation

Light has been used to treat a large variety of diseases for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans used to consider sunbathing as a remedy.And the list of diseases that were prescribed to be cured by using light, was quite large. The use of natural light for therapeutic purposes is probably as old as the humanity itself. The sunlight and water have always been the most available remedies. The first reference about the intended use of sunlight for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes dates back to the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV in Egypt. The therapeutic properties of the Sun were also mentioned in the works of Herodotus, Hippocrates, AulusCornelius Celsus, Claudius Galen, Abu Ali ibn Sina, etc. It can be assumed that the Sun is the first source of radiationin phototherapy, which has a broad spectral range, inconstantlevel of radiation and polarization.

The progress of Medical science and Clinical Medicine was determined by achievements in electronics. The use of these achievements helps to create new methods of medical and biological research, diagnostics and treatment of numerous diseases.

The development of Quantum Electronics was beneficial for the Medicine. The rebirth of Quantum Medicine became possible due to the creation of artificial light sources. It was a real boom! Since then it has been real to cure everything. And, most importantly, it has beena success!

In the 60's the theory of stationary processes in molecular generatorwas created and the opportunity to create optical quantum generators was proven (later they were called lasers).

The term 'laser' is composed of the initial letters of five words 'Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation'. In fact, the laser is a source of light, which causes excitation of the atoms of a certain substance. Laser or optical quantum generator is a technical device that emits light in a narrow spectral range in the form of focused, highly coherent, monochromatic and polarized beam of electromagnetic waves.

Today laser technology is used to treat practically any kind of disease.